A Dedicated Outdoor Air System offers an energy efficient way to deliver outdoor air into the space, while satisfying building code requirements. 


We offer a split system that delivers the cooling, heating and ventilation you need for your building.  Each system performs at a high level, is energy efficient and offers value over the expected service life.


A water source heat pumps are an energy efficient device used for heating or cooling a space. This heat is directed to an indoor heat exchanger and a supply air fan.


Air source heat pumps allows the transfer of heat from a warmer air source to a cooler air source, with the assistance of a compressor and condenser. 

leading supplier of HVAC

Addison is a leading supplier of HVAC cooling and dehumidification equipment for commercial and industrial applications with extensive experience in treating ventilation air.

We specialize in 100% dedicated outdoor air systems and are able to deliver a wide range of options to satisfy ventilation for most building requirements. We have developed the most flexible products lines that can be configured to offer our customers' semi-custom packaged heating and cooling systems to meet any need. Additionally, Addison offers a variety of energy efficient options to lower annual operating costs.

  • Cooling ambient air to neutral conditions
  • Energy Efficient fan selections
  • 20° temperature differential condenser selections
  • EC variable speed fan motors
  • Environmentally favorable R410A Refrigerant
  • Multiple choices for heating type, gas, electric, hot water or steam
  • Controller platforms by Automated Logic Controls
  • Enthalpy outside air control

We deliver the required amounts of ventilation air to maintain desired levels of indoor air quality. Our products are designed to meet heating and cooling loads based on actual summer and winter ambient conditions while adhering to industry standards, codes, and requirements.