Automated Logic Controls

If your application needs to seamlessly connect to a new or existing Building Automation System, or include a control system that can plug and play with any planned Building Automation System, Addison offers controllers by OEM Control, a division of Automated Logic Controller (ALC). These controllers can be fully integrated with all major control systems. Each Addison unit is controlled by a standalone controller and the necessary outside and zone sensor, with Equipment Touch Interface for set point and program adjustments. The resident program has many functions and features to allow sequences to be modified to cover all combinations of air distribution. The Addison controllers can be easily configured to meet various air distribution schemes and can easily be connected most BAS suppliers using the four leading protocols.

What are protocols?

In the simplest of terms, protocols are the communication languages spoken by control devices through networks. They communicate information in the most efficient method possible. Different protocols move information between different controllers, according to established convention.

It is often advantageous for an entire facility to be linked together and with data collected and conditions and results displayed alone or more locations. For two devices to communicate with each other,they must speak the same protocol or have a protocol translator. All of our controllers have the ability to speak multiple protocols. No matter what BAS supplier is present in the building, Addison controllers can communicate without the added cost of a converters or gateways.


Benefits of Addison's Controllers

By using an Addison Controller you receive the benefit of over 10 years of focused development by Addison to control your system for safe and efficient operation. You also have the benefit of continued development in each of the prevalent protocols and continued factory support in the future if your application changes and new operational sequences are required. We can provide enhancements to your system as technology advancements occur in man machine interfaces, called HMI, by Automated Logic, a division of United Technology.

Additionally, at Addison, we are working on ways to improve these systems every day. We strive to develop new products and new control systems that satisfy our customer's evolving needs, while being more energy efficient.

We're constantly working to improve our products and our services.Your ACE Team wants everything we do in products, support, delivery and service to contribute to your "Awesome Customer Experience." For more information on our control options controls or to speak to an Addison expert, please contact your ACE Team at (407) 292-4400.

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