Split Systems Condensing Units


3 to 35 Tons

Available in air-cooled and water-cooled models, the TRS-Series is a rooftop heating and air conditioning system configurable to a variety of HVAC needs. The air-cooled models include an air conditioning unit (TRSA) and a heat pump unit (TRSH). Water-cooled models include a water source heat pump (TRSW) and a geothermal water/ground source heat pump (TRSG).

Utilizing R410A refrigerant, the TRS-Series is available in a 100% outside air version. With easy access to supply blower/motor assemblies, condenser coils and fan, the TRS-Series is easy to maintain. These units also offer a host of configurable options for heating, cooling and dehumidification.

Typical applications for the TRS-Series include institutional, industrial and commercial such as restaurants, shopping malls, schools and manufacturing areas- just to name a few.

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