Linear Capacity®, Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Linear Capacity®, a patent pending innovative ventilation technology that simultaneously delivers breakthrough performance, energy efficiency and indoor air quality. The LC® utilizes a geometrically varying evaporator exposure device (Active Coil Exposure®) to maintain designed leaving dew point throughout the entire operating range. Optimized linear performance from 100% down to 20% of ventilation load with an application range from 500-7,500 CFM of outdoor air. The LC® achieves 53% energy savings versus conventional DOAS, independently verified by Florida Solar Energy Center (F.S.E.C.).







What is Linear Capacity? 



Featuring Active Coil Exposure® the LC® unit is equipped with five (5) independent and separated evaporator coils. Utilizing a laser positioning system, which allows only the active evaporator coils to be exposed to the air flow path, A.C.E. adjusts the coil surface based on the airflow demand. Ventilation can then be scheduled to meet demand in different zones based on occupancy levels, from 100 to 20% of capacity, throughout the ambient operating range. If there a period of time when dehumidification is not required, Linear Capacity® provides an option to treat as a constant volume unit. The LC® unit is able to provide energy savings due to the variable refrigerant flow, variable airflow, variable condenser air, and refrigerant management greatly outperforming conventionally fixed capacity DOAS units.



Florida Solar Energy Center conducted a study documenting the Linear Capacity achieved greater than 50% energy savings versus conventionally fixed capacity DOAS. Regarding this new variable capacity DOAS technology, they wrote "Addison HVAC has developed an exclusive DOAS package design that uses a novel combination of variable refrigerant flow (VRF), variable air flow (VAF), and Active Coil Exposure®. This design results in energy-efficient ventilation with the potential to meet diverse requirements without over- or under-ventilating".








Linear Capacity® offers active ventilation adaptable for AIQA flush-out per LEED EQc4, Air Quality Assessment.  The LC™ enhances IAQ by managing moisture content of the outdoor air throughout the ventilation range.














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