Linear Capacity, Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Innovative patent pending ventilation technology that simultaneously delivers breakthrough energy efficiency, indoor air quality and comfort. The Linear Capacity is a complete system solution for ventilation with constant dehumidification through entire air flow range, 100% down to 20%. DDC controls allow interaction of all components in proper sequence allowing demand ventilation provided with minimum energy consumption. Available in capacities from 10 to 30 tons the LC is designed with flexibility to meet current and future IAQ standards.    

How Our Systems Work

Our packaged rooftop systems combine cooling thru refrigeration, energy recovery from exhaust air streams, when available and heating to provide steady, comfortable air temperature and relative humidity, while simultaneously filtering the air to remove air borne particulate such as pollen or dust. They come completely assembled in a weatherproof cabinet, reducing the impact of extended exposure to rain, snow and wind. We can also supply a separate roof curb that serves as a structural member that elevates the system off the roof, with the unit covering the roof opening like a shoe box lid, reducing the potential for air leakage or water entering the building. At Addison, we categorize for packaged rooftop systems depending on your needs:

  1. Light Commercial - Products for buildings requiring units in a range from 36,000 BTU/hr to 135,000 BTU/hr
Commercial - Products that requiring capacities over 135,000 BTU/hr

We offer a broad spectrum of products from 3 to 70 tons, from 500 to 20,000 CFM, including semi-custom packaged units, packaged air source and water source heat pumps, water-to-water units and split system air handlers and condensing units. Contact one of our Addison experts to discuss which is right for you.




increased energy efficiency over traditional doas units 

If you have any questions regarding our packaged rooftop systems or would like to further discuss with an Addison representative, please contact us.