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Discontinued Products

Discontinued Products

Fri, Jan 23rd 2015 08:00 am

Addison will be implementing the discontinuation of the following products effective March 13, 2015:

·        Downflow Standard Packaged Rooftop Units (DFC [old R22 design]/DFH [old R22 design]/DWC/DWY/DWG/DGY-Series)

·        Horizontal Standard Packaged Rooftop Units (PC/PH/PWC/PWH/PWY/PWG/PGY-Series)

·        Vertical/Horizontal Packaged Indoor Units (HCP/HSC/VCP/VSC/VWC/VWY/VGY-Series)

·        Direct-Fired Air Handlers (ADF-Series)

·        Indirect-Fired Air Handlers (AIDF-Series)

·        Air Turnover Units (AAT-Series)

·        Small Air Turnover Units (SAAT-Series)

·        Unit Heaters (UHA-Series) and Duct Furnaces (UHD-Series)

·        Low Intensity Infrared (BH/CTHN/CGTH-Series)