Packaged Rooftop Systems

Since the early 1900's man has studied the relationship of temperature, relative humidity and comfort. Early work clearly established the link between temperature and productivity. In the ensuing years, air conditioning has evolved into a significant and required component of building construction. As an example, in order to work effectively, an office must provide the proper working conditions. Generally speaking, a temperature range of 72° Fahrenheit to 80° Fahrenheit with a humidity index between 35% - 55% is required to provide a comfortable indoor living and working environment. Today, all businesses need to have an efficient heating and cooling system to keep those conditions consistent, despite the weather outside. That is where we come in. At Addison, we're dedicated to providing our clients with uniquely configured packaged rooftop systems specifically designed to provide conditioned ventilation air to help you maintain your desired indoor environment.

How Our Systems Work

Our packaged rooftop systems combine cooling thru refrigeration, energy recovery from exhaust air streams, when available and heating to provide steady, comfortable air temperature and relative humidity, while simultaneously filtering the air to remove air borne particulate such as pollen or dust. They come completely assembled in a weatherproof cabinet, reducing the impact of extended exposure to rain, snow and wind. We can also supply a separate roof curb that serves as a structural member that elevates the system off the roof, with the unit covering the roof opening like a shoe box lid, reducing the potential for air leakage or water entering the building. At Addison, we categorize for packaged rooftop systems depending on your needs:

  1. Light Commercial - Products for buildings requiring units in a range from 36,000 BTU/hr to 135,000 BTU/hr
  2. Commercial - Products that requiring capacities over 135,000 BTU/hr

We offer a broad spectrum of products from 3 to 70 tons, from 500 to 20,000 CFM, including semi-custom packaged units, packaged air source and water source heat pumps, water-to-water units and split system air handlers and condensing units. Contact one of our Addison experts to discuss which is right for you.

What Makes Us Different

In an industry driven by Manufacturers that provide equipment models with standard cataloged capacities, the customer must select a system that comes close to meeting his needs. However, that usually means that you purchase features or functions that are not important to you the customer. Our company is different. At Addison, we have the unique ability to provide comprehensive engineering solutions that are custom tailored to your product requirements and expectations.

We listen to what you specifically need and configure a system that supports your application and your business.

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If you have any questions regarding our packaged rooftop systems or would like to further discuss with an Addison representative, please contact us at  (407) 292-4400.