Semi-Custom Packaged Cooling Systems Semi-Custom Packaged Cooling Systems
dehumidification systems Heating, Cooling and/or Dehumidification Systems
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL AIR COOLED dehumidification Semi-Custom Heating, Cooling and/or Dehumidification Systems
Outdoor Condensing Units High Efficiency, Outdoor Condensing Units
Air Handling Units High Efficiency, Air Handling Units
MULTI-FUNCTIONAL AIR HANDLER Multi-Function Rooftop Air Handling Units
WATER TO WATER UNITS High Efficiency, Water-to-Water Indoor Heat Pumps
DIRECT-FIRED AIR HANDLER Direct-Fired Air Handling Units
INDIRECT-FIRED AIR HANDLER Indirect-Fired Air Handling Units
INDIRECT-FIRED AIR TURNOVER Indirect-Fired Air Turnover Units
SMALL INDIRECT-FIRED AIR TURNOVER Small Indirect-Fired Air Turnover Units
UNIT HEATER Axial Fan Tubular Unit Heaters
DUCT FURNACE Tubular Duct Furnaces
INFRARED HEATER Economical Low-Intensity, Unitary Infrared Heaters
NEGATIVE PRESSURE INFRARED HEATERS Negative Pressure, Low-Intensity, Unitary Heater and
Multiburner Infrared Heating Systems
COMPACT INFRARED HEATER Compact, Low-Intensity, Infrared Heaters for Light Commercial Applications
Specialty ADDISON Specialty Options

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