Split Systems

ADDISON® air-source split systems are offered in cooling only and heat-pump versions. Air handlers may be ordered for horizontal or vertical arrangement. Filter racks are accessible from either side. Optional blower discharge arrangements are also available.

Cooling only systems from 3 to 35 nominal tons are available as a single circuit and from 6 to 65 tons with dual refrigerant circuits. This allows flexible selections based on the specific project requirements.

Heat-pumps are single circuit from 3 to 5 tons and dual circuit from 6 to 35 tons.

All split systems may be selected to operate from 0 to 100 % outside air when equipped with hot gas bypass or digital scroll(s), hot gas reheat and low ambient head pressure controls with VFD.

Digital scroll compressors are available across the product line to provide exceptional capacity control. For dual compressor models they can be on lead or both circuits.

Optional hot water heating coils may be factory-mounted inside the indoor cabinet while optional field-mounted electric heaters are available.

For optimum control, we offer the ALC direct digital controller with zone temperature, leaving air and outside sensors may be added while still being controlled by the standard programming.

Other options include factory coatings for harsh environments and MERV 8, 11 and 13 filters in 2" or 4" thickness.

What Is a Split System?

A split system is an air conditioning unit that consists of two separate components: an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor air handler. Typically, the condensing unit is installed outside the building on the roof or on a slab of concrete and the indoor air handler is installed inside the building. These two components are connected by refrigerant lines and control wiring, and work together to cool, heat and ventilate an area of the building.

There are many advantages to incorporate a split system into your building design. While the installation process is a bit more complex, the system takes up less space indoors compared to other systems. Split systems are also more energy efficient because you only pump refrigerant between the components and the condenser can directly reject the waste heat outside. Lastly, the duct work used to and from the air handler can be shorter and often more direct for lower fan energy usage.

Addison's Split Systems

Our split systems are utilized for both commercial and industrial use and can be found serving our customers in retail, educational, office, manufacturing, medical, military, and industrial building or plants. We manufacture matched split systems from five to forty tons in three distinct split system categories: outside air applications, recirculating air applications and heat pumps.

Our outside air applications utilize specialized coil selections with optional liquid subcooling and reheat to treat outside air. Addison's split system component matching can optimize coil and compressor combinations for recirculating air applications and focus on providing energy efficient operation. Lastly, our heat pumps again utilize specifically matched coil sets with a reversing valves to heat your air in the winter and cool it in the summer.

What Makes Us Unique

At Addison, we make sure our customers get the very best. We've been in this business since the 1950s and know how to provide efficient, flexible and durable air conditioning systems to meet your needs.

Not only are we an industry leader, but we also have an extensive feature list to choose from, including digital compressors, microprocessor controls, mechanical controls options including terminal strips for the field addition of third party controllers and a harsh environment package. Additionally, our systems are known for being extremely customizable, which allows our clients to essentially build their own split system. With both a horizontal and a vertical air handler option, different coil selections and different condenser types, our products are highly flexible in application and are factory matched for specific job conditions and applications.

If you have any questions about our split systems or would like to speak to an Addison expert, give us a call at (407) 292-4400.

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