Split System Air Handlers

As the second part of a split system, air handlers distribute the heated or cooled air throughout the selected zone or space. The air handler distributes the air through duct work to maintain the desired indoor temperature and relative humidity.

Standard with air handling units:

  • Painted cabinet
  • Removable access panels
  • 1" closed cellular foam insulation with galvanized sheet metal liner
  • Minimum 4-row DX coils
  • Optional 6-row coils
  • Adjustable motor mount
  • 2 inch filter racks
  • Mounting holes for horizontal units; threaded for smaller units, extended base rails on larger units
  • Field-mounted motor starters with optional phase and voltage monitors
  • Belt-drive supply fans may be forward-curved for lower external static pressure ranges or air-foil for efficent operation up to 3.0" to 4.0" in w.c. of ESP

Benefits of Addison's Air Handlers

Our air handlers are extremely compact in size and very flexible to apply. Systems can be selected by matching the Addison air handler with the selected condensing unit, allowing clients to combine features to meet desired space conditions. The handler can be ordered with either a vertical or horizontal cabinet, as well as horizontal or vertical discharge, depending on what works best for a specific application.

Our air handlers are easy to install and configured to transition to existing duct work. As manufacturers of semi custom HVAC equipment, our team at Addison can help you select an air handler to match your existing condensing unit and duct work. To request a quote or to speak to one of our experts, please contact us at  (407) 292-4400.

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