Condensing Units


If you're in need of a condensing unit to match your air handler, our experts at Addison can find you an appropriate match for a proper system.

What is a Condensing Unit?

A condensing unit is one part of a split system used to cool an occupied space and is installed outside of your building, usually on the roof or on a concrete slab, and paired with an indoor air handler. Because the condensing unit is outside, the condensing unit is energy efficient because it can reject the heat outdoors.



Standard with condensing units:

  • Painted weather resistant cabinet
  • Hinged control panel cover
  • 24 volt control transformer
  • Phase and voltage monitors
  • Compressor and condenser fan motor starters
  • Totally enclosed air over (IP54) condenser fan motors
  • Terminal strip for temperature control wiring
  • Vinyl-coated condenser coil guards
  • Formed steel base rails for support and structural rigidity

The Addison Promise

At Addison, we are able to find the perfect condensing unit to match your air handler. We've been in business since the 1950s and have an extensive amount of application experience to guarantee our customers complete satisfaction. Our technicians are highly trained to assist you in selecting and ordering the condensing unit that matches your proposed or planned air handler. If you have any questions or wish to speak to one of our experts, please give us a call at (407) 292-4400.

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