Vertical Water Packages

Since the turn of the 20th century, humans have found ways to make living and working indoors more comfortable. Vertical self contained water cooled packaged units were one of the first advancements in the HVAC industry to keep temperatures in the human comfort zone as buildings grew vertically in growing cities and heavily populated areas. After years of perfecting the unit, vertical self contained water cooled packaged units are a viable option for multistory floor by floor air conditioning.

What Is a Vertical Water Package?

Vertical self contained water cooled packaged units were one of the first advancements in the air conditioning industry during the post World War II era. They were created to cool high rise buildings in big cities, like New York and Chicago. In the early days, building codes required a licensed, stationary engineer to be present in a facility at all times if a cooling machine was larger than 30 horsepower. Another reason behind the development of this product was space. In large, multistory buildings there was not enough room on the roof to put the required amount of equipment. The application of this product on a floor by floor basis simplified the allocation of heating and cooling costs by metering the power consumed by each system and prorating the charges based on the square footage of the leased office space.

By designing units under 30 horsepower and installing these systems on each floor of taller buildings, there were many realized benefits. Even though applied systems utilizing large water chillers with chilled water piped to multiple smaller more compact air handlers have replaced much of the self contained business, the vertical self contained water cooled product is still specified today, but remains an important product for the replacement, tenant improvement and renovation markets.

Benefits of Addison's Vertical Water Packages

Vertical water packages are perfect for the commercial industry and high rise buildings. They tend to be smaller in size, compared to a traditional unit. They are able to be installed on each floor of a multistory commercial building. They also can be applied as inherently more efficient heat pumps and provide heating and cooling with a single piece of equipment.

Addison has an existing line of vertical self contained packages and we're excited to announce that we are coming out with a new line of vertical water packages for outside air treatment this year. We help our customers find the perfect package for their specific application needs. For more information or to speak with an Addison expert, please contact us at  (407) 292-4400.