Water to Water

Rounding out the selection of unitary products at Addison, the Water to Water product line is a compact indoor product that provides chilled water that can be piped to air handlers or any other application requiring a source of chilled water. The system also rejects heat to a second water loop that is serviced by a cooling tower or a geothermal ground source or pond. 
This product line can be configured as a chiller, a heating unit or as a heat pump that can provide cold water in the summer and heated water in the winter. Adding to this product's flexibility are several control and capacity modulation options that can increase the application range as either a chiller or heating unit. The WWR, WWC and WWH products are designed for light commercial purposes such as supplying multiple terminal units, air handlers, or preheating water or snow melting.
All Addison products can be equipped with a properly selected Automated Logic Controller for easy field connection through Mod Bus communication wiring and can communicate to Building Automation Systems through all (4) recognized communication protocols.
For all design applications, Addison provides a high performance system that is energy efficient and cost affordable. To request a competitive quote price or to speak to one of our experience Addison experts, please contact us at  (407) 292-4400.