Chicago Jesuit Academy

Addison HVAC Delivers Safer, Healthier, And More Productive Air Quality To Chicago Jesuit Academy

“Indoor Air Quality, especially in schools is paramount to learning. Poor indoor air quality lowers focus, reduces retention, and can have a host of other negative effects,” said David Salyer, Director of Project Management at Addison HVAC. “When we learned about the Chicago Jesuit Academy (CJA) during Owners’ Day, the team at Addison was moved by the mission at CJA.”

During the expansion of the school, building materials and new furniture can release volatile organic compounds which could negatively impact the indoor air quality. The Addison HVAC team knew they wanted to be a part of delivering safer, healthier, and more productive air solutions to CJA and the classrooms.

The Addison AK Series DOAS was the best solution. The unit will bring in fresh outdoor air and recover some of the energy from the exhaust air, then filter and treat the air before delivering it into the space at a perfect neutral temperature of 72°F. As an added advantage, Addison HVAC helps to manage the relative humidity in the space to prevent mold, mildew, and viruses from being able to propagate.

The Engineering Team, led by Gus Olivera, was influential in the process and added additional options that would enhance the unit operation. UV Resources was selected to add ultra-violet lights to help further clean incoming air to the building. These UV lights, in addition to the AirXchange energy recovery wheel, and ConAir air filters deliver a complete Madison Indoor Air Quality solution. The unit will be installed in December 2022, and will be monitored via Addison’s upcoming IoT platform RealTime. Thank you to the Addison HVAC team for your passion and all you do to make the world safer, healthier, and more productive.