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We Are Addison

1949: Harry Truman was in the White House. The Yankees’ dynasty was intact after a World Series victory over the Brooklyn Dodgers. Broderick Crawford won the Oscar as the leading man in that year’s best picture “All The King’s Men.”

And in Addison, Michigan, a new company was born that would influence the way America stays comfortable today. In its early years, the Addison Products Company manufactured refrigerant systems for vending machines. But in 1952, under the guidance of VC. “Cliff” Knight, Addison Products Company turned its attention to residential air conditioning.

Knight recognized the post-World War II housing boom offered a tremendous opportunity, and he pushed to make central air conditioning affordable. The breakthrough came in the form of a cooling coil with simple, inexpensive capillary tube refrigerant control. The “split system” design used an air-cooled condensing unit outside the home in tandem with the cooling coil in the plenum of a warm-air furnace. The furnace blower was used to circulate cool air throughout the house. It was a major industry breakthrough.

Soon nearly every warm-air furnace company in the country was beating a path to Addison’s door and buying the revolutionary new system. Throughout the 1950s, Addison continued to expand, adding a second plant and becoming one of the foremost suppliers of residential comfort products in the United States.

Then in 1960, recognizing the potential of heat pump technology, Addison purchased an innovative company named WeatherKing, Inc. in Orlando, Florida. WeatherKing was a pioneer in the development of water-source and air-source heat pumps for the warm, salt air climate of the South, and a perfect match for Addison’s enterprising style. Also, in 1963, Addison invented a packaged air conditioning system for 100% fresh air that evolved into the first commercially available Dedicated Outdoor Air System.

In 1990, Addison sold its Michigan plants and redirected its capital investment. A state-of-the-art manufacturing facility was completed in Orlando, Florida to design and manufacture this new generation of comfort products. The new facility was built with one objective: to continue Addison’s tradition of industry leadership in innovative design and manufacture of energy-minded comfort products.

During the 90s, and into the 2000s, Addison refocused its efforts more fully toward the commercial comfort sector selling our WeatherKing residential brand to another manufacturer.

Today, Addison continues to lead the industry in product development with over eight generations of DOAS products. From our highly configurable PR Series, modular split MA/MC series, and the all-new compact AK Series, Addison offers ultimate performance configured for customer applications. The Addison name has become synonymous with innovative design, quality manufacturing and dependable service. That’s our heritage at Addison Products Company. It’s what we call The Addison Advantage.

Now part of Madison Industries, Addison is well placed to continue our heritage well into the future. Madison’s mission to make the world a safer, healthier, and more productive is a perfect fit for Addison, and our customers.